Friday, November 7, 2008

Long time no write.

So, right now my life isn't very interesting. I'm getting too much sleep on some days, and not enough on the others. I should probably fix that. So, I believe it was Monday night.. it snowed! It was beautiful! Maybe it wasn't Monday, probably Tuesday or Wednesday. I might as well say Thurs-Sunday too huh? haha. Just kidding, but it snowed!

Picture of my FHE sister's dorm from my dorm.

I was really excited! Except for the fact that I felt like completely alone looking out into the beautiful snow. I was surrounded by my friends, but there was something missing inside. Lame. What a girl thing to say. So, election night, my FHE sister's and I were getting in bad moods because of how the elections came out, so we said let's go lay in the snow while we still have freedom. I know, not very mature. But it turned into a really fun time. We lay in the snow, started a tiny snow ball fight, and this turned into us running and diving head first down the hill in front of my dorm.That was tons of fun! My hands froze after. haha. Cold water, didn't even feel cold! It was fabulous! I made my first REAL snow angel. She turned out very good. I am excited.

(Will post picture of angel later)

So, time for some great news regarding election night. PROP 8! It passed. I am sooooooo happy. No lies. I was freaking myself out the whole day wondering what if it didn't pass, and working myself up into tears. But way to go California!

Today is rainy, and tomorrow should be too. I really do love the rain. It's the best for sitting in the living room, and crocheting more scarves! OH MY! I forgot! I bought fish like... 5 days ago. 3 to be exact. One died instantly, he just didn't want to swim or move, next thing you know, he's dead. Then there was a big orange one that died 2 days ago. (He was bound to die the fish man at Wal-Mart dropped him on the floor!!!!) But I wanted to give him a proper funeral so, I left him in the bowl until I had time to bury him. Unfortunately, this killed the 3rd goldfish last night. Sad day. So, I buried both of them. At my FHE sister's house I crocheted them a cross, and then we buried them under the snow! Even had some music playing in the background and got the whole thing recorded. I'll post that video when I get it from my FHE sister. That was a sad, but funny funeral, in my courtyard. When the snow melts... people are going to find 2 dead fish. NASTY! :P (Me talking about crocheting reminded me of making the cross, which reminded me of this funeral.)

So, around... 30 minutes after the funeral, we decide... I need more fish. So we went to Wal-Mart and I got 4 new fish, and 3 Ghost Shrimp. 28 cents per fish, and 26 cents per shrimp. I'm cheap. haha.
Here are their names.. Left to Right, with descriptions.
Far Left, Albino one, his name is Sickle. It was Popsicle, but I shortened it cause he looks sick considering he has no color, so Sickle.
Left one of the fish on the Right, facing Right. Speckle. He is orange with a tiny brown spot on the top of his fin.
Right of Speckle is, Pop tart. A'lyce named him. and I like it.
Far Right and a little more up is, Tiger. She is white and orange, and it reminds me of a tiger. So I named her Tiger.
You can't see the ghost shrimp because well... they're see through. If you have good eyes you might be able to, but I sure can't.
The shrimp's names are... Momo, Domo, and Larry.

Nice huh?

So that's my excitement for last night. I was staring at the bowl for a long time loving how tiny they were and the fact that they were so energetic and followed my face when I moved. They love me. The other fish didn't. That must be why they died. Haha.

Soo, Friday. No classes. I woke up at 1:00. (Didn't mean to) Took a 30 minute shower.. (not sure how that happened) made breakfast.. and have been spending time on this blog. Yup, fascinating day. Don't forget that it's raining. : ) I am glad I am smiling now. In text at least. haha. So, it is time for me to study some. Sorry for the delay in keeping up with blogging. Love and miss everyone and I will be home the 21st! yay! The day Twilight comes out in theater's! YES! <3


Jami said...

Welcome back. You better come see me when you get here. Maybe a Pinkberry run is necessary.

Jess said...

You are definitely on my list of people to see!!!!

Pinkberry, I don't think I like that. : )

I can get accustomed I guess.