Monday, September 29, 2008

First Blog Post


Your blog has inspired me to keep a blog. I miss everyone terribly, and I wish for everyone to be able to know how my life is going. Since life is so busy, and phone calls and e-mails are not exchanged as frequently as they should be, I think a blog is a nice way to keep in touch. Family and friends can read it which is amazing to me.

So, today so far is a very lethargic day. I did no attend my two classes for I did not have the urge to wake up. This is not good. However it is not a routine thing. (Sorry mommy if you're reading this) I shall be hopping into the shower soon to go take 2 exams for other classes, then I must go grocery shopping. Eggs have been my life since moving up here. I make them about every two days. MMMM Yuuuummy. I need recipes. If anyone has some good ones, send them to me! I love experimenting and cooking. Even though the two meals I have made for my roommates have had some ... I'd say catastrophe happen to them. One evening Ariel, my roommate, and I made a Hispanic meal. She made green enchiladas and I made Spanish rice. Her enchiladas came out great, however the portions of my rice that I happened to get had too much salt in those bites. My roommates claimed it was good, however I think that they are lying. :D

Next meal, was yesterday. Ariel and I were fasting because next week is conference and so when we came home from church we decided we'd make a nice little meal to break our fast. I made chicken with Lawry's seasoning on it with some instant mashed potato's (Idaho potatos!) Ariel made some corn. The meal looked lovely! BUT my mom said to "sprinkle" the Lawry's on it. I drenched it. Once again. TOO MUCH SALT! I had so much on, that I could scrape a layer of it off. It still tasted fabulous... without the Lawry's. Well, with most of it scraped off. While everything was cooking our dorm filled up with a delicious smell, which I was greatfull for, because we have had some problems with a smelly kitchen.

Once again, my fault. When I made the rice a week ago, I only used half an onion. I put the leftover in a bag and put it in my cubboard. Oops. It ended up behind something and started rotting. My fault. We threw it out, and the nasty smell cleared up. But something is starting to smell again. WHAT IS IT?! We've gone to Bath and Body Works and bought a scented air freshener for the living room hoping the smell would go away. But something just won't leave. This makes us clean constantly, which is fine with me, but it is like something in our kitchen just doesn't want to leave us.

This is my first blog. Help me with some recipes. :D I'd love to try them out.

So here are my roommates :D I think this explains all of us very well.


Jami said...

Ah Jess, I just love you. I'm so glad I'm so inspirational! ;) I'm more than happy to put up a few posts of recipes, but you've had plenty of my cooking. Let me know if there's one you want or if you'd rather me keep mine to myself! Love you!

Mommy said...

You are soooo funny!!! And you read my mind like you are reading a book! Missed TWO classes today, I hope you didn't go outside and play. You know the rules, haha! The smell, I think would be maybe some of those Idaho potatoes possibly hiding in a drawer of some sort, or your garbage disposal. They sell a tablet at the market that cleans garbage disposals. If the smell is still there when I come up, I am sure my nose will find it. I am just good like that!!! Anyways getting ready to leave work soon. I have TJ's truck today cuz he had inventory and work closer than him. You should ask Amanda about me tripping and falling at Heather's birthday this Saturday. It was quite hilarious!! Love you, and glad I am gonna get to see you soon!

Jess said...

Caesar Salad Pizza please!!!! :D
and any others.

Jess said...

Mommmmmy!!!! Haha. Make a blog. :D and then YOU can tell me and everyone about you falling. It would be funny.

Mikey said...

Cook me something when you come back down!

Mommy said...

Love the hair... Makes you look so sophisticated. You have no idea how proud I am of you (TJ, too!) We went to dinner with a couple from work his work, Lou and Cathy, (they were at the wedding recption, too) Anyways whenever people ask about our kids, he just cannot say enough about how good you are and how you were the perfect teenager, etc.... I cannot even get a word in edgewise. I am so happy that you have the opportunity to go to college and have the experience of "Dorm" Life! But the question is have you sung "Lucille" yet! You must play it....and sing, just like I taught you on our many road trips! Oh, you don't have the CD. Guess what, I just got my back from Toyota a few weeks ago, I shall bring it to you!! ha ha... Must get back to work. I Love you, too!!!!! You are EVERY parents dream: to have a daughter like you!