Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know it's late, but...

I thought I should do this before I go to bed.

So I got my hair cut!!!! Want a picture??? I know my mom does that's why I am writing this actually, to put the picture up.

I think it looks extremely different, and mom-like. My roommates seem to love it, I just haven't gotten used to it. I had to make that face, I tried taking a different picture before, but my smile was so fake and weird that I just didn't use that picture. I should use it however because that one my hair is cuter in.

See mother, isn't this smile creepy?! I think so. But yes, the haircut is growing on me already. It doesn't go in a pony tail though. :( Sad day. haha. I am going to have to have my hair in either a lot of bobby pins or half up half down most of the time. So much for letting my hair grow up again to donate it. Eh, next time.

Alright, so I am very grateful for my friends and family. I was having a stressful night, and so I was able to talk to my FHE sisters across the lawn and that helped. Soon after, I was able to call my mom and talk to her for quite a long time. I love her. She helps me with so many of my problems, just as mothers should do. I only hope I can be half as great as my mother is to me. I love you mommy. :D Thank you so much for letting me come up here, and for putting me through college. I love you with all my heart and really do miss you. I am so excited for mother's weekend that is coming up. I'm glad that you, Ariel and Kami's mom will be meeting! It will be so awesome, I can just feel it! Well I should be getting to bed, so it was very nice to be able to type this out.

Thank you Ariel, Kami, Alison, A'lyce and Mommy, you help me remember who I am. <3

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Chris said...

looks great! i like the short hair.