Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have a love for my major, which is Professional Preschool Education, which will end up being my minor in 2 years after I get my associates degree and THEN Child Development will be my major once again. What a great program this is. So, back to me loving my major. today we watched a movie about how to calm children. The Calming Reflex is what it is called, 5 S's. This was so interesting and this got me to thinking... man, my mom must have been so stressed if I didn't go to sleep. She's told me numerous times however that I was a good baby. I even heard that I slept through the night. (Sure does sound like me! :D) I've however heard stories from my Aunt and Uncle, that once she left me with them and I would NOT stop crying. They tried whatever they could, even took me for a drive to calm me down. No offense to them, but this makes me so happy to hear, because it just shows how much I loved my mother. The special bond we had then, and the special bond we have now. When hearing her tell me how much of a good teenager I am and all this, all I can think of is.. well you raised me. I love you Mommy, and that class inspired me to tell you about how much I love you. If you were stressed when I was little, I could only imagine why. Babies crying is not something parents want to hear. So thank you VERY much MOMMY! :D Once again, I just hope that I can raise my children like you. Be a strong mother, and come out with great children and a great husband. You are and have always been my hero.


Olive Juice

- Jess

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